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Umbrella Insurance in Alabama

Elliott & Associates Insurance: Umbrella Insurance

Insurances are there to protect you. Your house insurance, car insurance, medical insurance – all these policies are there to protect you from unwanted circumstances. But what if you cause bodily harm to someone or damage their properties while storming through the highways in Opelika, AL with your shiny sports car, albeit unintentionally?

Well, you could be in a lot of trouble and could end up paying thousands in settlement costs. Sure, your current insurance policies do cover some of those liability costs, but not all of them. This is where an umbrella insurance comes in and provides you that much needed extra protection.

For people living in Opelika, Auburn, or anywhere else in Alabama, umbrella insurance might be that savior. It would increase the liability damage limit of your regular insurance and protect you from lawsuits. Incidences, where you can expect your umbrella insurance to come useful, are –

For all those incidents mentioned above, you could be charged with a lawsuit in Georgia or Alabama. As you might have guessed already, it’s better to protect your future with an umbrella insurance policy, and Elliott & Associates Insurance Agency should be your go-to agency. We are one of the trusted names when it comes to providing insurances for the masses. Our office is located in Opelika, AL, and anyone looking to purchase a policy, or wanting to know further information regarding their policies, should contact our agents. Representatives from Elliott & Associates Insurance Agency will be there to assist you in choosing a suitable policy and can help you get started.

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