Three things you might not already know about flood insurance

Having adequate flood insurance is really important for those who own homes in Opelika, AL. We can help you meet your flood insurance needs at Elliott & Associates Insurance. 

The following are three things you might not already know about flood insurance.

Flood coverage isn’t usually included in a home insurance policy. 

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that a standard home insurance policy won’t provide coverage for flood damage. That’s why it’s very important for many homeowners to invest in flood insurance coverage.

Read the fine print of your home insurance policy. Most likely, you’ll find that coverage for flood damage is excluded. 

You may be required to purchase flood insurance according to mortgage terms.

A lot of mortgage providers require that their borrowers invest in flood insurance coverage for the properties they buy with their mortgage loans. Mortgage lenders do this in oder to protect the investment they’ve made in the properties that their borrowers buy.

You don’t want to neglect to purchase key insurance coverage required by your mortgage lender. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re familiar with the insurance coverage requirements of your mortgage lender. 

You could qualify for subsidized flood insurance. 

The government subsidizes flood insurance for homeowners whose properties are located in areas that are considered to be especially high risk for flooding. It’s important to look into government-subsidized flood insurance options when you’re on the market for the right flood insurance policy. 

You can learn more about flood insurance in Opelika, AL by getting in touch with us today. Contact us at Elliott & Associates Insurance to find the answers you’re looking for to your flood insurance questions. 

Who needs life insurance in Opelika, AL?

Who needs life insurance in Opelika, AL?

As we grow older, our choices, hobbies, careers, and general lifestyle changes. We get married, have children, start businesses and buy insurance policies to protect what we have. One vital policy everyone strives to have in Opelika, AL is life insurance. Want to know why? Elliott & Associates Insurance has listed several types of people and how life insurance impacts their lives. Find out if you belong in any.

If you are married

Marriage comes with many financial responsibilities, especially when one spouse is not working. If you just got married, you may want to take several steps to safeguard your finances, and a great way to do this is through life insurance. Marriage means you are building another life together that may be different from what your parents had.

You have debts

Your debts don’t simply disappear once you die. Someone will have to pay for them and clear your name on your behalf. If you don’t pay your debts while alive, your co-signers, children, or parents may be forced to clear the debt for you. Life insurance creates an excellent opportunity where you can save up that money and leave it behind for your people to clear the loan for you.

You are a parent

If you are a parent in Opelika, AL, you need to organize your finances to secure your children’s future. A term life insurance policy can be an excellent way to sort college fees and pay other necessities when your children are older.

You are the breadwinner

If your spouse and children depend on your income, they will undoubtedly be in a significant financial crisis if you died and your income disappeared. Fortunately, life insurance can help support your family and provide for their basic needs, even when you are gone.

You also need to purchase life insurance if you are struggling with chronic illness or deadly incurable disease. If you are not sure which coverage to buy, Elliott & Associates Insurance is here to help. Call us today!

Required Commercial Insurance in Alabama

In Alabama, there are clear laws about the types of commercial insurance that businesses must have. In the state, there are two commercial insurance types that most Alabama businesses need. There are also many other types that are helpful but not required. If you need commercial insurance for your business, call us at Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL. 

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Many states require this coverage for every business that has any number of employees, but Alabama only requires it if you have more than four employees. These workers can be part-time or full-time, and they include any members of the LLC or officers of the company. This insurance protection pays for medical bills when an employee has an accident or contracts an illness at work. It’s a helpful policy for your business, as it protects the company against having to pay out of pocket for medical bills and legal fees. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

If your business owns a vehicle in the state, it has to have a commercial auto insurance policy. There is a state-mandated minimum amount that the policy has to include for property damage for an accident. This includes coverage for damage done to a third party’s vehicle but not your own. It also has a minimum for the number of bodily injury bills it will pay for when one person is injured in an accident. It has a different number required for when two or more people are injured. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance

If your business doesn’t have the required types of commercial insurance, or you want to add to your policy, call us at Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL to talk to an agent about your commercial insurance needs. 

Life Insurance for Life Stages: Why the Right Coverage is Important at All Life Stages

Life insurance is often seen as something that is only important when you have loved ones that rely on you to provide for them. However, the right life insurance is important at every stage of adult life. Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL is here to help you with the right policy for every life stage. 

Young Single Adult

Why do you need life insurance? Even though you don’t have dependents, you likely have debt. If you have loans with a cosigner, the cosigner will be responsible for the debt if you pass. Loved ones may also have to cover funeral expenses. A term life insurance policy can cover burial experiences and any debt that you have. 

Married and/or Starting a Family

If you have a spouse or dependents, it’s important to be sure their financial needs will be met if you are no longer there. A whole life insurance policy provides protection for your loved ones and an investment that you can tap into later if needed. This policy will be valid for your entire lifetime as long as you continue to pay the premiums. Selecting this type of policy earlier in life may give you a lower premium. 

Empty Nesters

Your children have left home and are supporting themselves. Most of your bills are paid, so you don’t have a large financial responsibility. If you don’t already have an insurance policy, you should consider a guaranteed life insurance policy. A guaranteed policy will provide coverage regardless of your age or health status, and they don’t require a health exam.

Life Insurance at Elliott & Associates Insurance

Selecting a life insurance policy is an important decision. At Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL, we provide our expertise to help you select the policy that best fits your needs, no matter what your current life stage. 

3 Tips for Buying Auto Insurance in Opelika AL

Auto insurance is mandatory in Opelika, AL and for that reason, you need to obtain it before you can register and drive your vehicle. If you haven’t already purchased an auto insurance policy, you may see the task in a negative way. However, there are some tips you can learn about right now that will ease your mind. Read on to learn more.

1. Compare Several Quotes

Start by comparing multiple quotes from different insurance carriers. Go over each one, comparing price and coverage. This way, you’ll be sure you did your due diligence and selected the right policy for the right price.

2. Bundle Your Policies

Do you know how to save the most money on your new auto insurance policy? It’s simple. Bundle all your new and existing policies under one carrier. You can bundle home, life, commercial, umbrella, renter’s, and more for maximum savings.

3. Work with a Reputable agent

Our agents at Elliott & Associates Insurance are standing by to help you reach your auto insurance buying goal. Call anytime to speak with a friendly, reputable agent who can assist you in purchasing auto insurance in Opelika, AL. We will help you compare quotes, bundle policies, and save money and time. We’ve been doing this for a long time and know the insurance industry inside and out. Not only can we help you purchase a new auto insurance policy, but we can also help you renew one or take a look at all of your policies and see what changes we can make for better coverage at a better price.

To learn more, contact Elliott & Associates Insurance. Call us today!

What is covered with my Alabama home insurance policy?

Anyone that lives in the Opelika, AL area, and is a homeowner will enjoy the long-term benefits that come through having a stable place to live, long term price appreciation, and even tax benefits. If you are going to purchase a home here, it is important that you receive the right type and level of coverage and protection. There are several forms of coverage that will come with your home insurance policy here.

Coverage for Dwelling

One important form of coverage that you will receive with your home insurance policy here is coverage for your dwelling. If there is ever a fire, bad weather, or even vandalism, it could cause serious damage to your home. This could then be very expensive for you to fix. Fortunately, when you get a full home insurance policy you are going to receive the protection that you need to repair or replace your home entirely. 

Personal Asset Coverage

Another advantage of a home insurance policy is that it can provide you with coverage for your personal assets. Any home insurance policy will give you a certain amount of coverage to replace your personal items if they are damaged or stolen. This can include replacing your electronics, clothing, and many other items. Those that have valuable items such as jewelry should consider getting specific coverage for those items through a home insurance policy rider.

As you are looking for a home insurance policy to protect your Opelika, AL home, you should reach out to the professionals at Elliott & Associates Insurance. The insurance team at Elliott & Associates Insurance will give you all of the support that you need to choose a new policy. This can include making sure that you understand your options and have all questions answered. 

3 Tips for Buying Classic Car Insurance in Opelika, AL

You love your classic car. We know. And that’s why we want to make sure you have the best classic car insurance policy for your needs in Opelika, AL. How? By detailing the top three tips for purchasing classic car insurance that will help you get started. It’s really that easy. Read on to learn more.

1. Compare A Few Quotes

Classic car insurance policies differ from one to the other. For this reason, it’s important to compare several quotes before making a decision. Go over the quotes with a reputable agent, comparing the detail in each, such as cost vs. coverage. The cheapest insurance isn’t always the best, so keep this in mind when comparing quotes for your classic car. 

2. Bundle Policies under One Insurance Carrier

Insurance companies love to reward loyal customers by bundling policies to help save on premiums. Bundle your life, auto, homeowners, and umbrella insurance under an existing insurance carrier or take advantage of a reputable agent from Elliott & Associates insurance to help you find a new one. Don’t forget to ask your agent about other ways to save money, such as a senior citizen discount. 

3. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

Navigating the world of insurance takes some know-how. That’s where insurance agents come in. They help you find the best policy for your needs. Choose a reputable agent with a warm, friendly personality to answer all your questions, help you compare quotes, and bundle policies.

To learn more about classic car insurance, contact Elliott & Associates insurance serving the Opelika, AL area. Our friendly agents are standing by to take your call and find you the best insurance policy at the best price. 

RV Coverage Options in Alabama

So you’ve purchased an RV and are excited to hit the road but before you do, you need to make sure your RV is protected by having the correct insurance policy in place.

RV insurance covers all recreational vehicles as well as trailers, horse trailers, and several other types of campers and trailers you either drive or pull behind your car, truck, or SUV. If you have an RV you drive, though, you need to follow the requirements of the state of Alabama.

Types of Coverage

In Alabama, it is required that you at least have liability insurance on your RV, just like any other vehicle you drive. This type of policy provides coverage for property damage or injuries sustained by others if you are involved in an accident with your RV in which you are deemed to be at-fault.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This type of insurance coverage will protect you if you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover injuries and damages sustained in the crash.

 Comprehensive Coverage

If you purchased your RV with a loan or just want more peace of mind, this policy will protect your investment by covering your RV if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, vandalism, or natural disaster.

Collision Coverage

This type of insurance will cover your vehicle if it is involved in an accident, no matter who is deemed to be at fault. It will also cover your RV if you hit an object, such as a telephone pole or building.

The trusted RV insurance agents at Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL are ready to assist you so call for an appointment today!

Benefits of an Alabama renters insurance policy

The Opelika, AL area is a very popular community for people to move to. When you come to this area of Alabama, you can enjoy a variety of valuable personal and professional benefits. One important decision that you will have to make when moving here is where to live. You likely will have a variety of great options to choose from. One option that is ideal for some people is to rent their home. If you are going to rent a property here, it is important that you get a full renters insurance policy as it can provide a number of benefits.

Coverage for Personal Assets

One of the advantages of your renter’s insurance policy is that it can provide you with coverage for your personal assets. With a renters insurance policy, you are going to get a certain level of protection that could be used to replace your personal belongings if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed. For more sizable assets, including expensive jewelry or art, you can also get a rider to the insurance policy for specific coverage for these assets.

Coverage for Liability Protection

Another advantage of a renters insurance policy is that you will get coverage for liability. Renters often do not realize the liability risk that they are taking on at any given time. Due to this risk, you should make sure that you protect yourself as well as possible. A great way to do this is by getting a full renters insurance policy.

When you are shopping for a renters insurance policy, you should contact the team at Elliott & Associates Insurance. The insurance team at Elliott & Associates Insurance could give you the guidance that you need to pick a policy. They have helped many in the Opelika, AL area get the appropriate insurance coverage. 

The benefits of enrolling for motorcycle classes

Do you know motorcycle accidents are catastrophic and many of the accidents are no fault of the motorcycle involved but instead the negligence of the cyclist? In Eliot and associates insurance, we believe that the more skills motorcyclists have in their toolbox, the higher their chances are of being able to avoid accidents. Enrolling in motorcycle safety programs and taking motorcycle safety training is a great idea even if you are an experienced rider. 


∙Lower motorcycle insurance rates. Undertaking safety classes as a motorbike rider improve your driving skills, thus increasing levels of alertness, thus minimizing most accidents that arise as a result of carelessness during a biking expedition. The rider can practically put into practice what he or she has been taught. This culminates in a rider causing lesser accidents, thus attracting discounts from insurance companies because of completing a certified motorcycle course.

∙Boost motorcyclist’s confidence. The motorcycle safety course is conducted by professionally- trained personnel. They instill skills and techniques which build concentration in bikers leading to fewer distractions in a biking environment. These trained riders enhance their confidence resulting in minimal accidents. In Eliot insurance, we boost this confidence further by giving affordable and elaborate motorcycle policy which caters to you in case of a liability.

∙Its an investment. After completing a motorcycle safety course, it’s easier to make a more informed decision about purchasing a motorcycle. Riders will be able to make choices based on the type of bikes they would prefer to possess. They also have the advantage of making more mature decisions from advice given by instructors regarding the acquisition of a motorcycle.

Have you completed a certified motorcycle course in Opelika, Alabama?. Let Elliots & Associates insurance give you guidance in acquiring your motorcycle insurance. Call or Contact us through our website you won’t regret it.