Can I get life insurance if I’ve had cancer?

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and life-altering — but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting life insurance. While the process may be more complicated than if you had no prior health issues, it’s not impossible to secure coverage after undergoing cancer treatment in Opelika, AL. In this post, Elliott & Associates Insurance explains what you need to know about getting life insurance after a cancer diagnosis.

Applying for Life Insurance with a Cancer History

Several factors will determine your eligibility. These include the type of cancer, stage or severity when diagnosed, and whether or not you have already undergone treatment. Generally speaking, the sooner the diagnosis and the more effective the treatment plan has been in eliminating any trace of cancer cells, the better your chances of securing a policy.

It’s important to note that not all carriers are created equal when issuing policies to those who have had cancer. Some companies may require a longer waiting period than others — typically two years from completion of treatment — and may also charge higher premiums based on their assessment of risk. 

Getting life insurance after being diagnosed with cancer is possible – although it may come at an additional cost compared to more traditional policies in Opelika, AL. When searching for a policy, make sure to work with an experienced independent agent like those at Elliott & Associates Insurance, who understands both how insurers evaluate applicants as well as what kinds of exceptions might be included in specific policies so that you get exactly what works best for you and your family’s financial situation.