Thanksgiving Safety

“Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment.”

Thanksgiving is an enjoyable time for many of us. But the extra cooking combined with the added chaos of people can cause accidents if we aren’t prepared.

Take a look at the tips that the National Fire Protection Association gives:


Is Driving a Right or a Privilege?


Right is often used as a synonym for privilege, but Webster’s Dictionary defines a privilege as a SPECIAL RIGHT. I think that is an accurate definition in regard to our right to drive.

Most teenagers consider driving a “rite” of passage. This is a milestone in their quest for freedom. However, as adults we need to be sure that they understand the responsibilities that are attached to this right/privilege. They also need to understand the long range consequences of the misuse of this privilege.

If you are a parent, you may be well aware of the expense involved with adding a teenage driver to your personal auto policy. In our office we hear and see the shock and financial anxiety associated with this addition to a policy. Motor vehicle accident records and claim experience have caused insurance companies to place a high premium on providing coverage for these young, relatively inexperienced drivers.

Unfortunately, no driver – not even an experienced driver – is free from the possibility of an accident; however, age and experience can often prevent an accident. So perhaps before turning the keys and car over to your teenage driver, you might want to discuss guidelines that might prevent trouble down the road.

Trouble such as…

Personal injury/death to your child, your family or others

Property damage to autos, fences, buildings, truck tractor cargo, etc.

Financial damage from civil litigation/lawsuits



And of course…

Incarceration that might be the outcome of a serious motor vehicle accident – especially if it involves drugs or alcohol.


A driver’s license is a rite of passage of a sort – a move to a more adult season in the life of your teen. Celebrate its arrival, but a serious conversation might prevent this celebration from becoming a disaster.



Safe Driving Habits: Sound Protection Suggestions that can give you Peace of Mind