What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

If you have a prized classic car, chances are you want to protect it however you can. Our agents at Elliott & Associates Insurance, serving the Opelika, AL area, can provide you with the specialized coverage you need for your particular classic vehicle.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

First, classic car insurance works slightly differently than regular car insurance. It goes by an agreed value coverage, a pre-determined value for your specific classic car. This value is established through appraisals and documentation, ensuring that you will receive the agreed-upon amount if your vehicle is determined to be a total loss. This is due to the fact that regular cars depreciate in value over time while classic cars can appreciate in value.

Classic cars are not used for daily commuting. In other words, you will not be driving your classic car to and from work or the grocery store. You will typically only be driving it to and from car shows and other similar events so that you will have limited mileage options. This helps lower your premiums while still protecting your vehicle when driving it out on the highway. Classic car insurance includes liability coverage to protect you in case of damage or injury to others while operating it.

Like many other classic car owners, you may want to modify your vehicle for performance or looks. Classic car insurance covers these modifications, ensuring increased value from improvements is accounted for. You can also have storage coverage so your beautiful classic car is protected while stored in your garage or at another location.

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