The Importance of Flood Insurance

Whether you are a new homeowner or have been a homeowner for a period of time, you need to know and understand that flood insurance is not automatically included in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Serving the Opelika, AL area, Elliott & Associates Insurance agents can explain the importance of flood insurance and how you can obtain your own policy.

Flood Insurance Policy Coverage

Flood insurance policies are available through your trusted insurance agency and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). You can choose from two different options when it comes to a flood insurance policy.

The first option of flood insurance will help cover any damage to your home up to a certain dollar amount so that you can make the necessary repairs or replacements if your house is damaged by flooding. The second option of flood insurance allows you to replace all of your personal belongings if they are lost to water damage from a flood. This includes your household items, personal items, clothing, and even furniture and appliances that you have purchased. Some flood insurance policies will even help you pay for a different location to live in while your home is being repaired from flood damage.

Not Covered by Flood Insurance

Remember that some things are not covered by flood insurance, such as stocks, bonds, some types of jewelry, or cash. You will need to check with your trusted insurance agent to be able to understand your other options when it comes to these types of items.

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