Three key factors regarding classic car insurance needs

If you own a classic car in Opelika, AL, it’s crucial that you insure it properly with a classic car insurance policy. At Elliott & Associates Insurance, we can offer you the classic car insurance policy that you need.

It is important to look into various factors when you choose a classic car insurance policy. The following are three critical factors regarding classic car insurance needs.

Vehicle usage

Classic cars are not typically used on an everyday basis like standard automobiles are. A classic car insurance policy usually will specify a certain vehicle usage amount that will impact premium amounts. 

Make sure you carefully calculate how often you use your vehicle, and let your insurance provider know about vehicle usage details when you find a policy. 

Vehicle value

You want to ensure your classic car for its full value. Because classic vehicles are often very high in value, classic car insurance policies should typically offer more collision and comprehensive coverage than standard auto insurance. 

Make sure you choose a policy that offers adequate coverage to meet your vehicle’s full value when you purchase a classic car insurance policy. 

Deductible amount

As with any insurance policy, you’ll want to choose a deductible amount for your policy. If you choose a higher deductible amount, you should be able to enjoy lower monthly premiums on your classic car insurance policy. 

Learn more about classic car insurance in Opelika, AL by contacting us at Elliott & Associates Insurance. We can answer your questions about classic car insurance and help you find a policy that meets your insurance needs.