Why All Renters Need Renters’ Insurance

When you are a renter, it’s always essential to have and keep renters’ insurance to protect yourself. Not only can this protect you legally, but it can protect you in several financial ways. Your landlord most likely requires you to have renters’ insurance as a part of your lease. But even if they don’t, you need this protection in case of unforeseen incidents. Call us at Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL to get started with renters’ insurance.

Coverage for Your Belongings

Because you aren’t the owner of the property you live in, you don’t have to cover that property. What you do need to have covered is your belongings. The items you own represent a significant investment when you add them all together. And, you don’t want to be left without anything you need to use in your life. If a damaging event were to happen that destroyed those belongings, your renters’ policy could pay for you to get them replaced. This can help you get back to your everyday life much faster. 

Protection for Your Liability

Another coverage type that comes with renters’ insurance is liability protection. This protects you against accidents that you are liable for. This can include several types of accidents in your home that result in someone becoming injured. When this happens to a third party, you will likely have to pay for their medical expenses and other costs like lost wages. When you have renters’ insurance, this will pay for those expenses, so you don’t have to come up with it yourself. 

Get Renter’s Coverage

When you need renters’ insurance, we are here to help. Give us a call today at Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL.