What Clothing Should I Wear When I Ride My Motorcycle?

You build a sense of community and excitement when you ride your motorcycle. You feel alive and independent. You also sense responsibility while sharing your space with other drivers and pedestrians. While it’s exciting to ride, it’s equally important to dress for safety while on the road.

If you’re a motorcycle rider in Opelika, AL, Elliott & Associates Insurance wants to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected. Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the road with the proper gear.

Always wear a helmet.

Alabama is a universal helmet law state, meaning you must wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. You could be fined or receive other penalties if you’re not wearing a helmet. Helmets protect your head, neck, and face from injury. You’re three times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident if you don’t wear a helmet.

The best type of helmets to wear is full-face or three-quarter face helmets. Look for one that is DOT-approved and fits snuggly. It should have no defects or loose straps.

Protect your eyes.

Having a face shield or goggles can protect your eyes from flying debris and debris from the road. It can also protect your eyes from the sun. An effective faceshield will be scratch-free, impact-resistant, and fog-free. Please do not rely on regular sunglasses, as they may not be strong enough to protect your eyes in an accident and can easily blow off.

Wear the proper clothing.

The proper clothing will help keep you safe in the event of an accident. It will also help protect you from the elements, such as the sun and the wind. It’s best to wear motorcycle clothing designed specifically for riders, such as leather or Kevlar-lined clothing.

Even when you’re as prepared as possible, accidents still happen. Let Elliott & Associates Insurance help you get back on the road with a motorcycle insurance policy. Contactour office in Opelika, AL!