Things You Should Consider When Applying For Classic Car Insurance

It’s possible to save money on auto insurance if you have a car that’s only used occasionally for pleasure drives. Classic Car Insurance is a specialized plan that protects antique, collectible, vintage, and other classic cars from potential risks that impact your lifestyle. Elliott & Associates Insurance helps to determine if this is the right insurance plan for you. We understand your needs and help make the acquisition easy for residents of Opelika, AL.

Things To Consider When Applying For Classic Car Insurance

Classic car owners are enthusiastic and passionate about their rides, so they take impeccable care using classic car insurance policies. The following are things to consider when applying for this type of policy for your car.

Car requirements

The car’s condition matters as car depreciation coverage aren’t applicable. Generally, muscle and exotic cars have to be in good condition and driving shape to qualify for this plan. There is also a mileage limit on this insurance; some policies require proof of an alternative vehicle for daily use. Classic cars should appreciate over time to qualify for this plan. If your car is damaged and in poor mechanical condition, or if it’s meant for off-road use, some carriers may refuse to insure you.

Driver’s requirements

Most insurance carriers examine your safety record as a driver to determine whether you are eligible for a classic car insurance plan. Ideally, you need five to ten years of experience and minimum infractions, preferably one or no at-fault accident. If you have had a moving violation over the past three years, you may not qualify, depending on the state-specific laws. When applying for the policy, drivers of classic cars should be at least 25 years of age or have a cosigner.

Insurance providers have different and varying conditions for eligibility. Contact Elliott & Associates Insurance to guide you as you apply for auto insurance for your classic car in Opelika, AL.