More People Qualify for Life Insurance Than You May Think

If you are older, that doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for life insurance. While age does play a small role in the process, a life insurance company tends to focus on your health. Even if you do have a few health problems, you may still qualify for life insurance from Elliott & Associates Insurance in Opelika, AL.

Your Medical Background 

During an examination, you’ll have to ask questions regarding your medical history, such as any surgeries you’ve had or any medications you take. You’ll also need to reveal any nonprescription medications you take. Keep in mind, you take blood and urine tests, so honesty is vital because anything you don’t admit to could show up during your test.

Body mass index (BMI) plays a role in whether you qualify for a life insurance policy and what your rate is. A higher BMI means you’re overweight and more prone to certain life-threatening health conditions.

Medical Testing 

During your exam, you’ll need to have your blood pressure and pulse taken to help detect any cardiovascular issues, including hypertension. A higher pulse could indicate a hormonal imbalance or another serious condition.

After having your vitals taken, you’ll then have to undergo a saliva and blood tests as well as a urinalysis. These tests help detect any health conditions like hepatitis. The entire process determines the quality of your overall health. Many minor conditions don’t affect your overall health and therefore doesn’t play a role in you obtaining a life insurance policy. Depending on the condition, it might not change your rate much, so before you think you’re not healthy enough for life insurance, at least have the physical conducted.

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